Solstice Meditation

Good Day! Tonite and tomorrow: This Full Moon is the last of the Super moons.Enjoy! Please dont forget your rock friends,IF your crystals are working hard,cleanse or smudge and place in the full moon  light to empower.Thank You Luna for your gorgeous super powers as of late!  By now I hope you are seeing results of your intentions set ( perhaps with the help of a grid?) 2 weeks ago. If not,see what you need to let go of to make space in your life for more of that which you desire. If its with self,no worries,just re-evaluate your journey “map” and decide how to move forward. Perhaps,the road you were on wasn’t the best route after all. Change your direction,listen to your guides.

Wed 12 / 21 is our Solstice! Although the shortest day of the year,we begin our return to THE SUN!! In a few days,our  return to light ( enlightenment?), and our days will get longer by a minute or so every day YAYYYYYYY!!!! To celebrate, I will offer  a SOLSTICE CIRCLE MEDITATION at 9pm WED 12/21. Please let me know if you can join in!  I will have a candle lit circle of light,and a Crystal Grid set to honor the SUN MOON PEACE LOVE. Refreshments will be offered,and bring something to share if you wish, ALL ARE WELCOME ! FB PM or text / call if you will join in!

BE at PEACE  and may good health and JOY find you ALWAYS on the path!




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