Gratitude & Wish Lists!

Happy & Healthy Holiday Season.Id like to extend my  most joyful and heartfelt GRATITUDE to ALL my Clients/Friends! Thank You! It is a great honor to walk your journey with all of you, and to be your guide! I respect,honor and love you all! So much has happened along the way-we are living  so richly! Moving through so many experiences is LIFE! Navigating through Dark Tunnels and “Wormholes” to experience the mirroring / shadow sides, to be embraced and absorbed  as we become more and more enlightened to ALL IS ONE; is not an easy journey! It IS exhilarating!  Yes,even that which is  feared /hated is part of self. As the saying goes “one cannot point a finger at someone /something without pointing 3 back at themselves”

The world is changing / moving faster every day. We all must stay in the highest vibrations of LOVE and COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and JOYFUL CREATIVITY .From that space, we can together create and manifest a more Harmonious, Loving, Nurturing, Healing Vibration,which I believe is the best way to serve well-being as a whole, for our lives and the life of Mother Earth. Be AWARE,Guidance will show us the ways.I will help you RELEASE any blocks and  to REMAIN OPEN to RECEIVE Peace and Guidance with CLARITY.


AS many of you know, I like to use crystals from US miners and store owners.I prefer to sell crystals ecologically and ethically mined. Although Winter is a slower season for crystals, I have a WISH LIST of CRYSTALS going, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! Myself, Ian and my buyer are on the lookout for awesome affordable crystals!!

Call Text 204-1541  or FB message Meg essence about Saturday appointments.Please book ahead,only a few appointments left! Closed 12/17, 12/24 ( except for Oil or C rystal purchases in the morning)  and 12/31

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