Happy Sunday 11/12

A few new and important updates at Rock With You on Historic 4th,Downtown Sioux City!

FREE Crystal Grid Meditation continues! For the Winter Season,we now meet on Sats 4:30-5:30.Pleasee be on time.We will practice Breath Work,Guided Meditations,and TM meditation to Sound Therapy and Bi-Nural beats,with Crystals.You may bring your own if you choose or I set various grids in the room.Please Text/ Call /Leave message at 712 204-1541 OR FB message Meg essence.Please Join Us. Thank You.A Chakra Grid is included in this article-Feel FREE to print.

Appointments for EnergyLightBody / Chakra work or Lithomancy are available for NEXT SAT 11/19  *1/2 hr $30. *1hr $60. ( $50. first time) *90 mins $80. Please Text/Call?Leave message or FB message Meg essence

Sage & Palo Santo is available  for Clearing your crystals.Please,do not forget to put your crystals in this powerful Super Moon.

Anxiety Free and Germ Free essence formulas are on sale this week and can be picked up next Saturday 19th. Please contact me to order.

*Breathe *Appreciate *Love





12540895_1026531597390392_2763654816387991838_n USE a CRYSTAL to match the corresponding color representing each Chakra


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