Freaky Full Moon Friday!

Good Morning,Thanks for reading! Happy Friday,Have Fun and….be careful? Tonights Full Moon will be big and bright,it will look like a super moon! AND we are willingly riding the freak train into crazy! YIKES LOL! Todays cast -which is through until Sunday,includes 3 fiery Garnets,a Cinnabar,a Carnelian,an Ethyrite Cobalt Bloom,and a Vanadinite,in the form of a serpent.This full moon Friday and tomorrow will be all about “me”. I am FIRED up,I know what I Want, I have a clear Vision,I see what I Desire! Im going to Do what I want,How I want,When I want,Where I want,and with Whom-and Damn the consequences! “Damn the torpedoes!”. There seems to be no standing down,so join in the crazy or hide out somewhere in nature on another dimension in meditation!

Don’t forget to cleanse and empower your crystals!

Appointments still available Saturday morning for Chakra Balance,Energy LightBody Work,Sound Frequency Therapy, Lithomancy. Or for a FREE consultation for essence custom formulas.Get yourself some CRYSTALS! They are good for you:)!

FB Megessence, 712-204-1541,


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