Tues 10 /11 Free Meditation 7pm

Good Day ALL! Cant wait to see you all tonite! I hope all can make it and perhaps a couple new?! Please let me know,via txt or FB msngr if you are attending this eve,so I know how many to set up for.Thank You. 712 204-1541.We will gather at 7.00.Meditation will begin by 7:10,by which time my phone will be off,so please set your intention to be on time.Thank you.We should be done by 8:00 with meditation.You are welcome to stay and chat,share your crystals,enjoy a refreshment till 8:30, if you wish.

We will be doing 3 types of meditation tonite. We will be doing Breath Work with a new meditation I wrote,bringing your awareness to still point-The Space Between. Then we will flow into TM meditation.We will close with a guided visual for Love and Kindness.As usual,Sound Therapy w/ Frequency,Resonance and Bi-nural beats will be playing softly.

I will have a GRID SET in the following pattern to expand awareness and Love & Kindness.Feel free to bring your own crystals if you like,or you can use mine.12472683_1026531340723751_7344494500942717776_n


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