Happy Monday 10/10

Thanks for reading!  The Cast includes Sodalities,Turquoise,Chalcedony, Azurites,Rose Quartz,Kyanite,Blue Aventurine.  Nearly all blue stones! A GREAT day to COMMUNICATE on all levels! Communication is honest, open, effective, flowing.With Divine Source / Creator.With Self / Inner Journey, knowing / owning your TRUTH and exploring the BEST ways of EXPRESSION.Speaking to others will flow very harmoniously. If you have a request,or need to confront someone to discuss difficult issues -today is THE day,as it will be very easy. Words will heal not HURT today.Anything that involves speaking , listening,writing,speaking in front of a group,teaching,acting,singing etc. ALL AMAZING TODAY! Have a great day!

Call or text me 712 204-1541,FB Meg essence for an appointment. Chakra Balance,Sound Therapy,EnergyLightBody work,Customized essence Formulas,Crystals

FREE MEDITATION TUES EVES 7pm -TM, Guided Visualization,Crystal Grid

Thank You LOVE!!


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