Friday 10 / 7 Energy Read

Good Morning! Thanks for reading! The Cast in todays Lithomancy Read includes (starting in front) Ruby Zoisite,Vanadinite,Moostone, Chalcedony,Watermelon Tourmaline,Lilac Lepidolite,Clear Quartz directional and Chrysoprase.Maintaining your creative individuality while grounding you in the essence of Earth.Tune into your Spirit guides,your angels.This will help to enhance HOPE ,sensitivity,and psychic ability to channel much needed love and healing to our lives , to others lives, and our Mother Earth.The Lilac Lepidolite is directed by the Clear Quartz to assist in relieving the great stress and anger people are feeling.If you meditate and allow the stress to be relieved, you will then hear the frequency of your guides, a truly unique resonance that aids a connection with the Devine Presence.The last stone Chrysoprase leads one to allow deep healing into the cells of ones physical being,( and The Earth ) which allows Divine Truth Real Joy and Abundance through Healing!

Get Out of the anger and the spiral of dark chaotic energy and stop.Meditate, Breathe,BE in Nature every day.Tune into the other energy,also right here (like turning a radio dial to different frequency).Allow true healing,of yourself,our lives and our Earth. LOVE

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