Weekend Sale and Daily Deal

Good Day! I am a Certified Aromatologist Aromachologist and Aromatherapist since the 70’s. I use 2 different brands of strait essential oils,Amrita and Camden Grey,and BLEND them into a UNIQUE formula PERSONALIZED to meet your needs.We can choose essential oils and create a blend for the entire family; seniors, adults, children,even pets! You can have a signature essence created just for you! You can choose your type of carrier and delivery system as well; be it Grapeseed Oil in a Roll On, or Coconut Butter cream or a Rosewater/mineral water Spritz,or a Bath Salt. Combo Gift Bags,and gift Basket orders available through the HOLIDAY SEASON!

Your consultation is free! Give yourself at least 15 mins with me in person,on the phone, or FaceTime.Or we can communicate via text,messenger or e-mail.

THIS Friday thru Monday save 15% on any 1 blend

Call or Text 712-204-1541,email sagemeg12@msn.com, FB Meg essence.

Wouldn’t you rather trust a certified professional with decades of experience?

Many Blessings!

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