Happy Monday 10/3/16

Good Morning Thanks for reading! Wow what an amazing group of stones for this read! The cast includes (starting front,left) Cuprite,Rose Quartz,Black Jade, Pyrite,Fire Opal,Watermelon Tourmaline Blue Calcite,Seriphos Green Quartz point. The rocks indicate that there is powerful Lifeforce,courage,physical strength and energy born of LOVE! One could say there is a power of Divine Feminine Energy.I also see, with this particular cast mix, that there is a frequency of ecstasy,at first produced by Kundalini rising up the spine literally igniting each Chakra and sparking a powerful union of creative energy with  expression of it. There is a love so deep,and a longing-the passions, the creation,the work is born of this longing. Healing,which will never have to be revisited again,is done through the power of this longing.The complete abandon of control, thought and self to this powerful frequency of Lifefore / Source, IS the frequency that flows and connects all throughout the Universe. THIS IS CREATION. Its as though a NEW AGE is being born today!

Whats even better is that as we abandon self to spiritual passions and creative life force and thus CREATE / MANIFEST -from the Ethers, this NEW AGE, we are PROTECTED! OUR Angels and our Spiritual “Body Guards” are surrounding us, protecting us and “cleaning house” so to say-behind us as we courageously forge ahead! Our Guides are clearing all negativity behind us!

The last stone -The Seriphos Green Quartz point says we will create an Awareness of Earth as Paradise,and a joyful acceptance of Physical Life and True Healing.

*Surrender / Abandon (holding on,rigidity,judgement old ways of thinking) *TRUST * LOVE * CREATE BLESSINGS ON ALL OF US as we forge

*wow, BLESSINGS on us all as we Co-Create a New Life for ourselves as Individuals / Families, or in Union,as Groups for a New Life for ur planet,or if you believe so-we Open and Enter into a New Dimension.

Please call 712-204-1541,text,leave a message. Make an appointment to assist healing and navigation through this time,or for your personal Lithomancy read.


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