Sunday 10/2/16 Energy Read

Hi everybody,THANKS for reading! Todays new moon in Libra is really all about balance! I’ve heard a lot about the energy being “chaotic” an “either/or”,”back and forth” kind of energy; BUT we can look at it as we are just weighing the scales,weighing our options.Its wonderful to have so many options available,and many forks in the road to choose, isn’t it?!  DONT panic with “OHHH theres so much,how will I know what to choose?” Instead say “WOW,Im so grateful,I have so many choices!”  There has been some really beautiful collaborative & connectivity,building relationships and humanitarian energy in the last few days as well as a joyful-“pitch in and get it done” kind of energy,along with paper work,and due diligence. Using Creativity,Our Minds,Hearts and Spirit all at once; to me, thats not “chaotic” and” back and forth”,thats wonderful-using everything we’ve got!! Able to be all that we are,nothing is closed off!

TODAYS READ SAYS DONT get caught in a feeling of gloom! Its simply not there! Please know its like walking on a balance beam / or tightrope and,if you look down you will loose your balance and fall. DONT look down! BELIEVE in this joyful busy time of creative projects, humanitarian work,helping friends and neighbors,finding new work strategies,building a new business or new marketing ideas,redecorating,helping children,working new ideas or with new people on your job,busy times with family and working through family issues.YES everything is going on all at once and YES its all good! COLLABORATE and COME FROM LOVE is ALL you need to do. If you let it happen -all our lives will change for the better!

Let me help you navigate the changing roadways! Make an appointment for EnergyLightBody Work, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balance,Metaphysical Counsel,Lithomancy and Personalized Essential Oil Formulas. Thank You!

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