Energy Read for Friday 9/30

Another incredibly powerful,beautiful read! The Peach Aventurine,Citrine, Moonstones,Pyrite say ABUNDANCE of easy flow Energy, Joy,Positivity,Collaboration,Creativity;living in sync with ones own Truth and Expression of Soul. The Blues,Lapis,Sodalite,Azurite,and Blue Aventurine says your expression of your truth is received openly and harmoniously when it includes Communication, Relationships,Networking,Sharing! A love relationship can appear or deepen as well.Being and Working together,really can move experiences and energy in a profound and exciting way!

Peace and Love! Enjoy your evening and tomorrow!

APPOINTMENTS are still available for this weekend through Oct 2!

Fri eve, Sat morn, Sun afternoon.Please, FB message, Text or Call Thank You

1/2 hour $30.00      1 hour $60.00 for #EnergyWork  #LightBodyWork #ChakraBalance #SoundTherapy with E / Os & Crystals

Lithomancy Appointments (Prophetic Casting of Stones) $15-$60


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