9/29 Thursday so far…

Good Day! Im just in from early morning appointments.As soon as I arrived,I had to gather these;like they needed to be together today.I started feeling and seeing them sitting together before I left,and again, while I was out. So I put them where the energy in them resonated with a space. I then had to set a grid for a request from early morning,and meditate upon it to direct the energy to someone working through something urgently.Coffee,and water joyfully received after that.Then,when I went back in the office to do the daily read,I realized-this was it.I then toned over the setting.

These are some of my “working stones. When you come for Metaphysical Counsel, an EnergyLightBody Tuning, a Chakra Balance, Sound Therapy or Meditation-these and many other stones can be chosen to add their unique abilities.  Watermelon Tourmaline, Russian Quartz, Green Calcite, Seriphos Green Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Feldspar, Honey Onyx, Hemimorphite, Labradorite.What they say for this afternoon and this evening is: Align yourself with the Universal Heart today.LOVE ,CREATE! There is PROFOUND JOY and BALANCE on this day! A Marvelous Day!  Open to receive it. Heart wounds have experienced healing,which allows profound joyful acceptance of physical life. Awareness of Earth as Paradise. Passion is abundant-in all forms. Creation,Creativity Passions of Divine Spirt,Kundalini,Sexuality.Synchronicity and Serendipity. The 2nd,4th,and 3rd eye protected,wide open and powerful! Magic in the sweetest way! Your Angels are all around you! You can almost see the twinkles,the “fairy dust” in the air! Enjoy!

*Beginning this evening I will be casting stones in the evening, to present the read for the following day.So,by 6pm tonite Thursday 9 /29, I will cast the read for Fri.Sept. 30th. Fri. eve Sept 30th by 6pm, I well cast the read for Sat Oct 1,2016- the new moon by the wa, and so on.*

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Every Tues Eve 7-8 pm FREE Meditation,text BE to let me know you are coming.




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