Wed. 9/28 Energy Read

Good Morning Thanks for reading! Here’s your energy read for today.You will embrace today with a renewed energy,and wisdom.Starting off from a empowered grounded stance,aware of your support through connection-of family and friends,with dynamic energy, you move through work.It is a day for work,all kinds of work! There is transformation and joy in the way you approach your work-which in turn, transforms the result of your work.Its also a day to work on things that can transform your workscape completely. For example,re-organize your office. OR,a day to work on your resume,or an ad / or marketing campaign.Its a day to research new marketing or networking techniques. Its a day to do transformative work at home too.Re-organize a space,get your yard or landscape ready for the season,organize your wardrobe.A whole new beginning can emerge form seemingly nothing-due to this new approach,this energy of empowered strength,coupled with wisdom to transform! Enjoy your day!

Please contact me for an appointment for Metaphysical Council, Energy Work, certified Sound Therapy,Meditation,Lithomancy. Retail Available- Crystals,Minerals,Crystal Grids,certified Aromatologist,I create personalized formulas for your unique specifications.
*Wonderful workshops available for Staff Wellness,Motivation,Lunch and Learns,Staff Appreciation.

Meg Bishop 712 204-1541,,FB Meg essence

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