Tuesday 9/27 Lithomancy

Good Morning All! Thank You for being here! Heres todays energy read. The cast contains Unakite,Rhodonite,Pyrite,Amethyst,Angelite,Moonstone, Jasper and Agate. Unakite has Epidote in it so I take hat into account in a read or a grid.This cast is leading the day through a gentle release of energetic blockages.Today you are inspired to an increased energy level that helps you to take action today.Some of the cast, Rhodonite especially,is providing “first aid” for emotional wound healing,which assists all in the release we are moving through today.We feel the energy of our angels,our guides.By this evening we are feeling united in purpose with spirit.By tonight we feel nourished,we feel support from family,friends.We are on solid ground while maintaining higher awareness and enlightenment from this ascension process. A pretty huge growth spurt has occurred! Our roots are deeper,our energy renewed,our purpose stronger,we allow healing of our wounds,and we our higher in our enlightment! Quite the powerful day!

Please contact me for assistance through Energy work,Sound therapy,Metaphysical Council,Lithomancy,Crystals and Aromatherapy.


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