Fri 9/23/16 Energy Read

Good Morning! I haven’t done a Lithomancy Read since the 15th.I wasn’t sure if people wanted it or not,as I didn’t see any comments or feedback; but when I didn’t post, I did hear from some friends,clients and folks I hadn’t yet friended on FB and Twitter asking “Wheres the Daily Read??”. So I will offer this again. In addition,please bear with me as I alter the menu and placement of pages on this weblog.

Appointments are available for Energy LightBody Work,Chakra Balance,Somatics-Sound Therapy with tuning forks Bi-Nural Beats,Meditation-TM, & Guided Visualization,Metaphysical Council,Lithomancy ( prophetic casting of stones), Grid work Retail Aromatherapy,Crystals,Sage Bundles Palo Santos and Crystal Jewelry.

I work with Businesses for Wellness,Staff Morale,Motivation.I speak at Lunch & Learns,and Support Groups,I work with Families, Teens, and Individuals. I respect HIPPA,PRIVACY,and ETHICS laws.

I am a Certified Aromatologist,Aromachologist, and Aromatherapist. I am with NAHA. I am a certified Sound Healer level 2 with Jonathan Goldman with over 45 years experience.

DISTANCE Lithomancy Reads available on FaceTime.Will Ship Retail.

Contact me for appointments. 712 204-1541,,FB Meg essence

*OK WELL TODAY is like the rest of this week has been-ups and downs, twists and turns! I thought we’d be past all this with the “facing of the deepest truths” during last Fridays Full Moon.The overall energy still shows that of struggle. Our nation doesn’t want to see the truth,individuals are not wanting to face, and own or open to their truths. So the overall energy is this back and forth of “LOOK,NO.LOOK,OK. LOOK, now TAKE ACTION-NO IM SCARED” Go forward, move back. THATS been the energy all week.Today at least the Kyanite says to Stop the static,stop hurting yourself by hiding ( avoiding with  sleeping,drinking,food,too much work and other “aholic” practices). The Azurite and Turquoise are begging you to face your truth and express your truth! The Rose Quartz and Prehnite says if you do,this will lighten your heart, your burdens. It reminds me of the line in the LION KING movie “yOU ARE MORE THEN YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE”.Do not be afraid! Real change is required. If you need help navigating the energy,make an appointment-give me a call!


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