Daily Energy Read 9/15

Good Morning ALL! Thanks for reading! Todays Lithomancy (casting of stones) shows it is opening up a very positive day! This is occurring from the “lay low-go inward” time that we were guided to do yesterday,that we ARE  being guided to explore as we lead up to this Pisces Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse. Those who are seeking this guidance,to awaken to YOUR TRUTH, your soul purpose and your EXPRESSION OF IT, really are being “begged’ by creator and the universal source energy to HEAR / HEED this  guidance now!  BY doing the “work”; the pondering,the meditation, seeing / feeling the synchronicitys, ETC -THEN THIS DAY will turn your life around! It will change your life path! You will get on the right,most direct route to what you wish to achieve,to meet your goals.IF you are trying to ignore that voice inside you / your “conscience”/ your spirit guide / your angels, DONT ignore it. IF you are hiding out,not trying to look at your truth,or GO FOR your truthful goal / your true expression of self DONT. The time is NOW. Even if it feels really difficult or overwhelming,heed the guidance and make this change. YOU won’t regret it,and neither will the people that love you, care about you; and there is a sense that in some way,it will touch many, in a truly positive and joyful way!  GET GOING! ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!

The cast includes; 3 Citrines,a Star Ruby, a Cuprite, A Lapis Lazuli,a Turquoise, and a Malachite.

(note that as we move through the energy’s,just like a weather forecast there will be ups and downs.Let me help you navigate these energies for fullest benefit! Make your appointment for Metaphysical Council,LightBody Energy Work, SoundTherapy,Crystals, Lithomancy, Aromatherapy essence blends. 712 204-1541


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