Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Pisces

Good Day all! Full moon is Fri. Please DONT FORGET to get crystals in the light of the Full Moon Especially the Amethysts,Obsidians,Black Tourmalines, Hematite,Black Jade and the metals that don’t go in the sun.Cleanse if they need ( and can be in Sea Salt Water) rinse and then SMUDGE with Sage. I have Sweet Sage available and small Moonstones,Bloodstone,Green Jade,as well as other Crystals should YOU choose to set a grid. This Grid Ive set is to Honor this Full Moon in Pisces and the Lunar Eclipse.  Seeing the TRUTH is very important this full moon-The Truth Will Set You Free! You can meditate on this grid if you need as well! Many Blessings and I ll see you at Tues Eve Meditations 7-8 pm. Please call 712 204-1541 for an appointment with me. Metaphysical Council,Energy Lightbody Work,SoundTherapy,Lithomancy,Meditation LOVE!photo-on-9-13-16-at-3-34-pm


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