Your Energy Read 9/10

Lithomancy -The casting of stones,shows how the energy will play out for today.

The cast reads a beautiful day ahead! Its a day to be around people,to work on projects with people,be at live concerts,theater events, rallies, family gatherings and the like. People will be balanced,open,friendly-the energy will flow smoothly,nothing is labored. A day of unexpected prosperity and abundance!  A great day to meet new people-significant people,likeminded individuals that are part of your “tribe” Also a day of beauty if you create art of any type or music.Add your energy to this day! See and be seen,be out and about! Enjoy this wonderful day!

Thank you for being here.Make an appointment with me for Energy LightBody Work with Sound Therapy & Aromatherapy or Lithomancy, Crystals FB Megessence,Twitter Megessence1

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