Your Energy Read for 9 / 8

Good Morning! Welcome to your day.Thanks for being here! Today the stones lay a rather practical read that on first glance seems to be simply about practical matters; to get to it, and just get the jobs done.Finish your project at work,pay that bill,return those calls, make an appointment for the car,get the laundry done etc.A deeper look though with each stone and how it sits and interplays with the stones on either side, as well as the big picture-those details in the layout indicate the energy is more financial in nature.What the stones read is saying that not to let finances / money rule you-rather know you rule it. There is a disconnect with finances that states the energy is perceived as one of lack and worry-or of holding on to tight.The placement of Cinnabar in the cast says a “magical transformation” is required and is in process.I believe what this read then indicates is try to manifest through belief and “magical” thinking.If we only do things because of the money it brings or we don’t choose to do what we need to do, because we don’t have the money -the energy of receive/ give stops.So make an appointment for the car,and know the money will come.The read certainly doesn’t indicate go crazy and get those tickets for the cruise-but rather believe / know the money will show up for those practical things.In fact when you make that appointment for the car ,or the plumber, or you order those products you need to expand your business-you make that commitment to spirit,to the energy of creator. When you believe that God,Creator,Holy Spirit,Spirit, the universal source energy ( whatever you want to call it) has your back and will provide-you will be cared for! Its kind of like a transitional test right now. Do you believe? One step further in this read also states that if you do take this step ( go ahead and do what you need-believe the money will come) that actually a new opportunity can then arise from it. An example could be-you call the plumber and make an appointment for the estimate,and come to find out -a friends wife is the receptionist there and in conversation says “hey, do you know anyone looking for a PT receptionist job-yeah we just need someone for Sats”-do you see what Im saying?So, do what you have to do and BELIEVE!  I can’t wait to see how my day manifests this way! I need this advice too:)!  LETS have a super day!

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