The Energy Read for Wed 9/7

Good Morning! Your Lithomancy (casting of stones) energy read for today is all about NEW and unique,spontaneous  energy.Theres lots of energy ( its NOT chaotic) its more like boundless,tireless, energy! It contains a spark of joy! Be spontaneous today,incorporate and birth creative ideas.Communicate ( talk and listen).Be social,accept invites.Try something new in your work,something you never thought would work before,will now, beautifully,seamlessly!  Collaborate,either with people you normally wouldn’t think of collaborating with,or in a way in which would not have come to mind before! Try it. For those looking for love,yea, today may be the day if you are social and spontaneous,and do something or be somewhere you normally would not.HMMM lovely! Well,lets get THIS day going!

I want to THANK all who came to participate in meditation last night! It was wonderful! We need a full 30-45 minutes of meditation-and we have that for sure! We all seem to enjoy chatting and sharing stones and info as well-and I adore that! I would also like to honor everyones time so,come at 7,we will begin by 7:15 done by 7:45 or 8 and then feel free to go if you need,stay if you want its all good by me!

FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION with Sound Frequency Therapy EVERY TUES at 7pm

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