Tues. 9 / 6 Energy Read

Good Morning. The Lithomancy (casting of stones) reading this morning shows an introspective day ahead that can be rather somber,and can include sadness if you allow your thoughts to linger on things you can not change.There are some things-situations, and peoples opinions and actions that we have no control over.If we allow ourselves to feel as though we as individuals are not doing enough,or we admonish ourselves for not being good enough (if we just worked at it longer, harder,if I was smarter better …) to change that which is beyond our control,this will deplete your good energy,and stop your creative juices flowing. Another angle is,perhaps you have been building /creating something,working on something and some folks dear to you offers advice that you interpret as criticism today. This “criticism”, coming from someone you were hoping to please, seems especially cruel-and you take it to heart. DONT. This energy stops you in your tracks,and you immediately loose all good and creative energy. BUT if you look at it as the advice with the support  behind it that the person or persons intended, THEN incorporate that offer of advice into your project,work,etc it will be even MORE wonderful and successful then you imagined! So, Have a GREAT DAY! If you want help navigating the transitions in your life,please FB message Meg essence Call/ Txt 712 204-1541 for LightBody Energy work,Sound Therapy or Lithomancy. Tonite 9 / 6 is FREE CRYSTAL GRID Meditation -cant wait to see you all! Love and Peace!

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