The Colours and Beauty of your Soul

Come into your fullness!  Allow my energy work to assist you in, not only accepting all parts of who you are, but moving into embracing and loving all of the rich colours of your essence,your soul! By doing so,you can then harmonize all the compartments you’ve placed your wounds,memories,dark spots,secrets and that which you do not love about yourself,your past,your mistakes -and bring them into the light! Take a good look then at this rich tapestry of your soul essence,and without criticism,without judgement embrace and give nurturing love to the “shadow” side in you.Only then will you be able to move into forgiveness; and with love,this “darkness” will dissolve into the rainbow bridge and cross into the fullness of self. This balance will improve your relationships-with self and therefore everyone else; will reduce anxiety and stress, will stop self negative talk,increase joy and improve your health and wellness overall!  I can help you navigate these important steps in your journey!

Please FB message Meg essence or call / txt 712-204-1541 for an appointment.Thank You

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