Through the Gate!

Good Morning! Welcome to your day! Ive been writing about this being a season of transition.The new moon on Sept 1 brought up the energy of doubt and uncertainty-second guessing profound choices we made as a result of taking a soulful look at hard realities that presented themselves end of July through August. Id asked you all if you could just BE with that feeling ( the space between) and not jump backward as a result of doubting your choices;nor jump forward running away from  presence  into your new choices. Well, my friends today the gateway opens.Stop the doubting,take the risk and walk through the gateway!

This mornings meditation and Lithomancy ( the casting of stones) reading for the days energies shows me that if you are unsatisfied,unfulfilled;if you feel like your living like a robot on auto pilot or a zombie,it is time for you to take this risk,take the chance and go for it! Whatever this is for you. Its about leaving a secure position of some type; could be a job,a relationship, a home, a hometown,a way of doing things, thought patterns,any of this. The energy is presented as a definite risk because this comfortable place has made you complacent. “Its Ok so why change anything,I may not find what Im wanting anyway” BLAH,ZOMBIE! That literally dishonors the very essence of your soul,your core-who you ARE.If you choose to NOT nurture and honor  your spirit,your spirit will lose its power,its circuitry,its connection to the Divine Creator,and you will lose your guidance system.You then will get nothing back of that which you are choosing! You will experience less synchronicity,less joy,creation/creativity, less”magic”, less blessings in your life-or you won’t even notice them when they present!  This Gateway energy says even though things are OK,you owe it to yourself to walk through the gate! You are not alone! Feel the power in this challenge and take the risks. You can do it. You are LOVED and you are NOT alone! Joy, Peace and Blessings to you all! Thanks for reading this. Support is gained from ENERGY LIGHTBODY work, which includes Sound Therapy,Aromatherapy and Crystals (certified in all for over 45 years!) or prophetic guidance can be obtained from your private Lithomancy reading.Make your appointments with me Meg essence – FB message / txt or call 712 204-1541 please leave a message ,I will return your call

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