Transitions & Navigating this Eclipse

Two days ago I wrote about TRANSITIONS. Along with this transitional time of year,we are experiencing the dark energy that is present before and during an eclipse;today August 31,and tomorrow,eclipse day, Sept 1.This energy can make us DOUBT all the hard work,changes,decisions and choices we JUST moved ourselves through in the last 4-6 weeks! Don’t buy into that and please don’t make choices based on the darkness enveloping us in these few days. Today I woke up at 2am feeling like all the work I’ve done on myself,with my physical health,my spiritual wellness and the like has been all for not. I felt as though I had come to the top of a mountain, only to be able to see the next peak I need to climb. Instantly I felt tired,weakened,alone,frightened and that all my previous work,has only led me to a spot where I now know -all there IS is more work,more mountains to climb;one after the next after then after….

So I got up and set a CRYSTAL GRID for energy and protection.I wanted to add stones for perseverance,and endurance;however,THAT is something I am working OUT of my life ( with energy work and therapy). To ENDURE is NOT something I need to do in my life right now. NAVIGATING that is often an unknowing-like I don’t have the co-ordinates,a map or the tools required,and wouldn’t know how to use them if I had them. Sometimes I feel endurance and perseverance ARE my talents?

ALL THIS that I am writing and you are reading IS indicative of this “dark force” energy of the day,these days.How to navigate,find direction? Follow the sun-light! Find the light.It will give you that sense of direction.The light is within you,and you are not alone.

CALL Meg essence 712-204-1541 for energy light body work,sound therapy,crystals,and lithomancy (the prophetic casting of stones).

Have a blessed day!


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