Transitions,Beginnings,Endings. It’s the end of summer,we are now beginning to move into the autumn season.This brings much transition.Our experiences and feelings change. Our expression of self changes as well.Our experience of time changes,our diet changes,the colors of the season changes, and our reflection of that changes in how we color our lives.This can be reflected in so many ways such as a change in wardrobe,or home decor. We change. Our choices change.Our auric field changes too, along with all this, as a result. There are significant changes within us that we need to empower and embrace,desires and projects,or work we need to complete or begin.There are people,relationships,memories,emotions we need to process,and nurture,or let go of. We need to “check in” with ourselves and “clean house”.Transitional times are the greatest times to experience ENERGY LIGHTBODY WORK,or ALIGNMENT of YOUR SOUL. Make the choice to BE with your SPIRIT and commit to the journey.EXPERIENCE the ENLIGHTENMENT, the LIGHTNESS OF BEING, the LESSONS, the EXPRESSION, the WISDOM and PEACE obtained from this work.Give some time to finding the HARMONY and BALANCE in your SOUL experience,and the JOY in what you receive is Extraordinary!

Call Meg 712 204-1541 for a session. Days / Eves / Weekend availabilities.Energy Lightbody work includes essential oils,crystals sound therapy.60 mins $60.   30 mins $30.

Or try a prophetic Lithomancy reading (casting of stones) 15 mins  $15

CERTIFIED and EXPERIENCED for over 45 years.











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