TODAY! Saturday 8 / 27 2-5 FREE Teach ourselves Wire Wrapping Crystals as Pendants with Video and literature. Refreshments available.PLEASE BRING a needle nose plier ,and some wire for wrapping. I have a wire cutter to share ( but my wire is a little thick I think), I have crystals for purchase or bring your own:). IF you have jewlery tools,please bring. Any teachers or guides want to join in and share any tips,we would love it! The time frame is OPEN ,so folks can come and go as they choose.PLEASE TXT 712-204-1541 your attendance.

Sat 9 / 10 – 10:30-11:30- Consciousness Grid Travel. A lesson on ExtraTemporal ( outside of linear time) Consciousness Grid Travel. What is it? Some call it “Christ Consciousness”. What crystals to use, how to begin this journey.PLEASE TXT ME YOUR ATTENDANCE COMMITMENT. THANK YOU 712 204-1541

Call or TXT f712 204-1541 for your appointment for energy work,sound therapy or Lithomancy ( prophetic casting of stones)

Thank you I hope to see you soon. Look for your invite to Event Pages on FB for upcoming events!

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