What is a Crystal Grid?

Hi! Hope you have a beautiful wondrous and awesome week! What is a Crystal Grid? A Grid is a pattern of stones that harmonizes subtle electro magnetic frequencies to network a synchronized power. This energy frequency can be sent out or absorbed,depending on the stones chosen and the formation.One can create a grid for many reasons,or just for fun or because it looks great.Usually thats a good place to start! After you get an array of stones and crystals,automatically, you want to “play” with them. As you touch them and sit them next to different stones you feel subtle shifts,interaction. You gain insight,and learn to listen (communicate) with the stones. You start with color and size and just “play” Then when you learn more about what the stones do you can,with intent and purpose, start to lay some grids for gratitude,for love,for peace and harmony,or for more energy or better sleep.Then you will continue to be guided and learn even more!

Call or TXT ROCK WITH YOU 712 204-1541 for some awesome stones,or GRID BAGS (bags already put together with a purpose or intent ( sleep well, abundant energy…) and enjoy making some grids!

Check out the EVENT  on FB SAT 8/27 2-5 LEARN TO WRAP ( crystal pendants,teaching ourselves w vid)) Accept your Invitation on the EVENT PAGE SAYING YOU COMING (not just a “like) or TXT your attendance 72-204-1541 Thanks! FREE

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