A Little Lepidolite Lesson

A nice friend just got the lovely lilac lepidolite! Good Choice! I thought Id share with everyone some lessons on Lepedolites! There are Purple, Lilac .and Gold Lepidolites and Lithium Light Lepidolite which is Gold on a White Quartz matrix.The Lilac and Purple are a potassium lithium aluminum silicate and the gold and lithium light is the highest in lithium and contains an iron silicate as well. Many of us instantly feel the friendly, nurturing, calming, soothing, energies of these beautiful light and sparkly stones.You instantly want to reach out and touch it.The lightest lilacs come from Zimbabwe Africa.The Lithium Light was discovered in only 2008 in Colorado Rocky Mountains! The Lilac and Purple are great for releasing stress and letting go. They enhance feelings of humanity, love, peace, and serenity.They harmonize relationships and enhance open peaceful agreeable communication in groups and in groups working with projects. Couple with Rose Quartz for more peace and love,and to help heal the heart,and for those grieving after loss, or  pair with Amethyst to enhance sleep. The Lithium light has a soft,enjoyable current of energy,so comforting-it feels like you are wrapped in angels wings or bathed in spiritual light!.Increases higher consciousness,awareness.Also very soothing calming and harmonious! Get one of each today!

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