Good Morning! Peace,and blessings to us all! Happy Wednesday! This is a LOVELY stone,a Prehnite “eyeball” in a cluster of clear quartz points. The underside has more Prehnite. A stone of Earth & Water; brings joy to the heart, peace to the mind and links heart to will (3rd,4th,6th & 7th Chakras)-so that ones power can be used to carry out the prompting of Love and Goodwill and Humanity from the heart. An excellent stone for spiritual discipline.Also helps the physical body by  emanating a vibration harmonious to the functioning of our digestive system with the energy in the adrenals,kidney,gall bladder and liver.Come see and learn more about this powerful stone! Only $25.00 I have many awesome stones,all with different vibrational frequencies,to support and assist in many areas of our lives,and with the energies of our families,friends, home & surroundings, and pets as well!

Call or TxT,leave a message 712 204-1541, or FB message Meg essence, with any questions ,or to make an appointment for Energy work,Lithomancy, Sound Frequency Therapy and more! Wed and Thurs eve Rock With You will be working with booked private appointments and is therefore closed to the general public. Rock With You on Historic 4th @ Court will be open again for general sales Fri,2-8,Sat 9-2, Sun 12-4.Thank You and I hope I get to see you soon!

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