Free Crystal Grid Meditation tonite at ROCK WITH YOU! Historic 4th @ Court 7:00 -7:45pm Call 712 204-1541 for details or to confirm your attendance.Arrive early or stay late and check out the new STONES & CRYSTALS! These Rose Quartz and the Green Calcite are delicious! Very loving and nurturing for your home or office. LOTS of great Agates, Clear Quartz Points and Clusters ( w Rainbows and Phantoms!),Red & White Selenite,Tourmaline ( Black Green and Pink), Garnet,Mook Jaspers, Grid Kits and more! Average price 10.00 NOTHING over 50! Enjoy natures art! Benefit from their healing properties! Who doesn’t want some sparkly purple Lepidolite! PS Herkimer Diamonds and the Record Keeper will join us in Grid Meditation tonite! LOVE ONE ANOTHER


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