Crystals Rocks Stones OH MY!

Photo on 7-26-16 at 3.51 PMTHESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!! 2 Huge Rose Quartz and a  Big Green Calcite-juicy rich pink and green colors for the heart!  There are so MANY interesting pieces to look at and get lost in as they weave their stories,offer guidance,wisdom,support & beauty for you and your home! These 3 pieces make a statement in any home or office! Their vibrational frequency is beneficial in a family room, game room,living room,patio,a therapists office or dentists office,a massage room;ANY space where emotions can arise and be released, disagreements or arguments may flare,important issues are talked over,or people are visiting. Their frequency opens the space to  a Loving,Nurturing,Calm energy. They  sooth jangled nerves,fears or angry outbursts.ALL 3 can be had for under $65.00!!

Theres also beautiful Agates,TeePees,Brazilian, Morrocan…Amazing Clear quartz Points and Clusters with Rainbows,and Mook Jaspers,India Jaspers, and Tourmaline (Black,Pink, Green, Blue) Turquoise,Seer Stones,Red and White Selenites, Hematites, Labrodorite,Amethyst, Lepidolite,Amazonite,Aventurine, Carnelian Adolucites, Phenicites, Herkimer Diamonds, Paco Diamonds & Clusters,Grid bags and so much more..

Thanks for stopping by the website. Call or TXT 712 204-1541 for questions or details & to  make an appointment Thank you! Rock With You historic 4th St @ Court.


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