A Record Keeper

Come see / feel this gorgeous Record Keeper!  Many gorgeous,healing stones available! Thanks for visiting my  web/blog. It is my internet to share knowledge,information  & photos on events at Rock With You. Please Call / Txt  Meg 712 204-1541  Rock With You,on historic 4th@Court. Purchase stone/crystals. Lithomancy,energy work, meditation,sound therapy.Please contact me for an appointment. Thank You.

I am honored to present this Exquisite and Amazing Record Keeper of significance.Eons of Ancient Wisdom is programmed into each perfect triangular face,sustained with it’s recorded vibrational frequency.To be a true Record Keeper Quartz Crystal,it must have at least 3 triangular faces ( I also have a “7 sisters” RK with 7 faces) in a row;and not only the triangular facets-1 perfect triangle must be “etched” in (as opposed to raised).THIS has mutiple triangular faces and etched  triangles on the side.THIS is an exceptional Record Keeper,which also contains a rainbow!  A Record Keeper must be gifted upon, through another, or from source, to an attuned high vibrational soul ready to receive the from the infinite wisdom contained within. A Record Keeper is not a Healing Stone. It comes to one for the sharing of wisdom and information;it comes with  a responsibility.This Record Keeper and I have been united for  the wisdom I am receiving through meditation,AND for the first time,I am to program it with information from OUR TIME now. This will be, Im quite sure,a profound experience!


2 thoughts on “A Record Keeper

  1. Do you still have this piece or the zeolite? I’d love to come back and also to help you meet your goal in time. Free after 1:00 tmro, Sunday and after 2:00 Monday. Thanks Meg!


    • Thanks for stopping back! Love u! One of my other friends brought Sawn that also works at Massage & Body in morning side! He’s an awesome musician! He brought someone too and YAYY EVERYBODY got a rock! hahaha (Everybody needs a Rock!-thats a great book by the way!)


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