Exceptional Times and Pieces

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Good Morning all and Blessings! FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION was awesome last night! I missed some of my regulars -as EVERYBODY is traveling right now! Safety and Joy in your travels! One who’s first time here says: ” It was such an amazing meditation tonight!! Meg has a gift for connecting people to their spirits, chakra energy, hearts; in a most soothing and direct way. Also she can connect you with a sweet stone or crystal if you so desire. I really enjoyed meeting Jennifer also! Thank you again Meg Essence, your talents and gifts are remarkable!! ” Joanne Klaus. Thank you very much Joanne!

I put up a little slide show of a couple of pieces,just a little sampling to wet your whistle! Pictured are very large pieces of juicy rich Rose Quartz. Gorgeous! An Amazing  Clear Quartz ,with Multiple Points ( over 30 large directionals!) with Rainbows,and Phantoms,quite the powerful and beautiful piece.It also has the unique distinction of looking like a prehistoric animals mouth! A royal Amethyst Cathedral,saturated  with with profoundly purple color,a smooth sidewall,without being polished! You are invited and drawn into this gorgeous piece!  2 Mooks! The space ship and its cute artsy partner! There are so many pieces that will just blow you away! They will ALL be ready for sale by Friday! Come by! Come be,Come hold,Come play, Come Buy! Join me in a cup of tea! More to come!

CAL/ TEXT /  712 204-1541, OR Face Book Private Message Meg essence with questions or to confirm attendance to Mandala Mondays or Meditation Tuesdays. Both nights @7pm. Make your appointment for Lithomancy Readings ( casting of stones),Sound Frequency Resonance therapy,or to chat and ask questions.

Thank you,for being here.Please come again!

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