I m so excited! I leave this afternoon! 4 glorious days of friends,mother nature,and ROCKS lots and LOTS of rocks,crystals,minerals! I can’t wait to see/learn more at the rock shows! I will bring back some awesome beauties!

Monday 7/25 7-8pm  FREE MANDALA MONDAYS,EVERY MONDAY-Color Mandalas while attuning with Sound Therapy 432hz & 7.38hz with bi-nural beats & dolphin song .When Mandalas are complete I will show how to set a Mandala Crystal Grid! I encourage you to bring your own colored pencils ( I have some).

Tues 7/26 7-7:45 FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION EVERY TUES-Participate in different types of meditation.We are seated in a Crystal Grid.( I accommodate disabilities.Seating is for 12) Choose Crystals to use in Meditation,or bring your own. Sage &/or Palo santos is used to clear the auric field.Black Tourmaline w/Mica and Selenite sticks are holding space to absorb, clear and transform any negative energy. Attune to Sound Resonance Frequency Therapy while in meditation. Come, Relax!

Visit with and purchase new crystals!! Please scroll through the pages of this weblog to learn HOW 7 WHY crystal work.Check out the other pages too! Thanks for coming and I hope to be with you real soon!

Blessings! Meg essence FB message,Call or Txt 712 204-1541 to confirm attendance,for further detail,make an appointment or ask any ?s! Thanks

Appointments available for Lithomancy Readings _ Casting of Stones. Let the Stones tell the story & guide you on your path! 15 mins to 1 hour $15. -$60. Sound Frequency Resonance Therapy 30 mins $30.


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