Hi Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog/website! Please scroll through the blog pages for How and Why Crystals work,or check out the Meditation Page for different types of Grid Meditations. I am a very small business with decades of experience. Ive been using,doing ,creating and teaching about Crystals, Energy work Chakras, Sound Frequency Resonance therapy,Aromatherapy since the end of the 70’s in NYC and Paris & Poissey France. At one time I had a VERY big and successful business. Since the end of the 90s Ive been pioneering these wellness modalities out here in the Sioux and I had to redefine what success meant and came to know that it doesn’t matter business is brick and mortar,big or small-the templates of how I do business changes over time BUT I have always done my calling.Please,contact me,for all your energy work,crystals,crystal display art,sound frequency therapy,meditation and please,feel free to chat with me and ask any questions. Thanks. Check back with the site often as I put up info or get new crystals almost daily! Blessings and LOVE! FB Meg essence, sagemeg12@msn.com,FaceTime-Megduhla@ gmail, 712 204-1541 Downtown Historic 4th @ Court 2nd floor.

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