HERE at ROCK WITH YOU Meg believes that All people from all walks of life,working through all kinds of transitions can benefit greatly from meditation,sound therapy,crystals and essences. Rock With You enjoys having children,men woman,teens,even pets come to take part in all wellness modalities and activities.ROCK WITH YOU can accommodate  wheelchairs & disabilities.I have experience in working with Alzheimers patients as well.So please join in ,ALL are welcome!

FREE Coloring Therapy! Mandala Monday with Sound Therapy and Breath work. Seats 9. 7pm – 8pm Every Monday I will have free mandalas to color.We will also set Crystal Grid on finished Mandalas.You can purchase Grid Kits.I encourage you to bring your own colored pencils.Light refreshment is available. I began this at Casa de Paz more than a year ago and it is a huge hit! It became a gathering with friends and grand kids,pets.Come try it out! Centering,Relaxing.

FREE Crystal Grid Meditation with Sound Therapy and Bi-Nural Beats.seats 12 7-7:30 pm Every Tues we do a variety of meditations.Choose crystals to use,or bring your own. Choose a FREE essential Oil to use for meditation.Listen to various HZ frequencies and along with natures Bi-Nural beats to bring your physical state of being into balance,and lift your vibrational frequency into higher states of awareness.

Please FB message Meg essence or txt / call 712 204-1541. Hope to be with you!



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