Pyramid Grid Meditation

7pm FREE  CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION EVERY TUESDAY EVE 7pm.                       Seating 12 mystical_pyramid_by_xni

You don’t have to know much about crystals and meditation;or you can be your own teacher,like minded seeker.Come and choose a soul crystal,and/or one for each foot.One for the head or one for  the heart,OR bring your own fave ROCKS!  The room will also be set in a grid.Bi-nural frequency 432hz, Verdi’s A is on the air-waves along w nature’s own bi-nural beats. You are seated comfortably and your first few deep relaxing breaths carry the faint smell of Lime,and the lingering note of a wood fire – the Palo Santos.Light refreshment available.View or purchase crystals while visiting. Make requests.

Taking appointments for Lithomancy -The Casting of Stones. $15 $30 $45 $60 for 3-16 stones 15 mins-1 hour.Bring a pen and paper to take notes please.Take a photo of your cast:)

Taking appointments for Sound Resonance Awakening.- Using Crystals,Essential Oils, Tuning Forks, and recorded nature sounds with Bi-Nural beats and Attuned Vibrational Frequencies. One can hear Solfeggio’s or Pythagorean tuned scales for heart 432hz,or 538,the LOVE vibration.Or for grounding 7.8 hz,the Shuuman resonance. FEEL THE TRANSFORMATION Of regular meditation,especially with a group! Great energy.

Hope to see you here 4th & Court, entrance off parking lot.712 204-1541,or connect on FB Meg essence,or e comment here on this page.

Thanks Blessings!


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