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“Forbidden fruit”,the “five forbidden phrases in marketing”,”I forbid you”,”God Forbid”…growing up i thought if anyone uttered “I forbid you to..”, I thought it was an invitation to do this or that,and so I did.Forbidden fruit, well lets eat it-eat the apple! Forbidden Cities,lets go there,wait, Im FROM there -the BIG apple,theres that apple again.Whats wrong with apples;)? Forbidden-untill this very moment I haven’t heard, or thought of the word forbidden for decades.I certainly never used it in a sentence to my son.I did however use it once,in a sentence spoken to my husband at the time. I said,through tears,( thinking it was the ultimate thing to say,bigger  more powerful then “please” as in, “Please don’t”or “Please,I don’t want this-nor will you”. I thought perhaps a commandment “I forbid” would hold more weight,but rather, its laughable. FORBID is a word that is not used in present time-because it no longer holds its meaning.Nobody cares if something is forbidden. It only validates that one can’t make any one do or not do that which they are choosing,for right or  for wrong,no matter.The choice resides in every individual weather they do something “FORBIDDEN” or not; whether they create or destroy,give or take life,love or hate,embrace the darkness so as to come to the light.Look at the current “reasons” behind behind gun rights.Virtually its something like: We ALL have a RIGHT to have guns and we all need them, and we all should have more, because we are all victims of ourselves and each other-no one has the self control to stop themselves from killing, you never know when someone is going to pop off, or when your neighbor is gonna turn into a terrorist.We are so beyond self control,there are no sexual boundaries, no “thou shalt not kill,thou shalt not be a pedophile, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife,husband, their goods-yea none of that,lie manipulate steal…hmmm.

In present time,no wine goes untasted, no one can tell us what to do, and nothing is forbidden.

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