Ive put up some grids,with specific purposes,for your convenience-to purchase ready made:)! AND they are ON SALE TILL FRI. 7/8/16 and New Moon was yesterday,so its an awesome time to lay your grid from now until the Full Moon at least or forever:)!

The above Grid is for ANXIETY,RESTLESSNESS, RACING THOUGHTS,and PEACEFUL SLEEP. Contains Rhodochrosite,(rough and polished,Amethyst $12.

The above Grid is for ADDICTIONS ( Alcohol,and Drugs ) -no matter where on their journey,either just beginning or staying SOBER- a GREAT GIFT! Also forSELF HARM including NEGATIVE SELF TALK. Contains Staurolite,Unite,Kyanite $20.

This one is for give sustained ENERGY,VITALITY,ENDURANCE,and MENTAL FOCUS AGILITY! Great for athletes, or a busy office.Great for those with CHRONIC FATIGUE Contains Ruby Zoisite,Golden Amber,Bloodstone ,and  Herkimer Diamond $23.00

This vibrant grid is for PROSPERITY,ABUNDANCE, JOY.ENTHUSIASM. It contains Pyrite,Golden Amber,Clear Quartz Points, Matrix Points ( very lively). $21


This beauty is for REDUCING Body ACHES & PAINS. Angelite, Lilac Lepidolite,Black Jade,Agate.$10.

This last Grid on sale this week only is for those that have suffered abuse,sexual,abuse,physical abuse & verbal abuse.It is quite helpful and  beneficial.Green Tourmaline Phantom Quartz Point and Apache Tears.$$10.

One can power up any grid with clear quartz points,or matrix pieces.Add a few!

Thanks Rock With You on 4th Sioux City I can Ship Shipping Charges happy Contact me 712-204-1541,or FB message Meg essence. Feel free to leave a comment here!


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