Celebrate FREEDOM

This is a grid to create Independence and Freedom.Its rather intricate in that one must understand the stones well to group them together and get their meaning.Its profound in its energy expression and meaning rather then a pretty red white and blue color scheme (sorry for that); although there ARE Red Garnets,Red Cuprite and Bloodstone ( for Strength,Courage,Life Force,Physical Vitality,Security,Prosperity )  the Fairy Cross Staurlite is seated on one of the Garnets in the center,which I chose to help people understand  that the damage and destruction that is done here to Humanity and the Earth  reverberates all the way to the Divine/to God.The Blue Stones are the Azurite,Kyanite,Sodalite,Lapis Lazuli ( New Vision, Truth,truthful Communication,Bridges,Action,Growth,Insight, Intellect,Mental Performance/Agility, Forward Movement) and I Powered UP everything up with the “white” – in this case clear,with Herkimer,Phenacite, and clear Quartz Points (for movement and Clarity,Vision Insight,Divine Guidance, Ancient Wisdom and Further Action). Happy Independence Day! Celebrate with LOVE!

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