Hi everyone! Inspired by last nights Love and Kindness meditation, I set a Love Grid before bed! Our meditation encompassed Love for self,each other,all peoples, animals,creatures, plants, vegetation, water,air,minerals,Earths entire eco system. Mother Earth,the Divine Creator,Universe and Spirit.

This grid contains Rose Quartz,Garnet,Star Ruby,Watermelon Tourmaline,Green Calcite Points,Clear Quartz points/double terminated Points. In addition to what one might regularly choose for a love grid, (rose quartz,watermelon tourmaline,clear quartz points-indeed anything pink and green which is the giving and receiving of love /forgiveness auric colors of the Heart Chakra)  I chose 3 other particulars for  very specific reasons such as the Star Ruby,for its manifestation ability. It connects the Creation Burst of Starlight  down through the first Chakra to the Earths core -it is an EarthStar crystal.It will assist bringing Divine Love down through all of Humanity to one another and the Earth.It also heals the 1st and 2nd Chakra,Sexual,Financial,Power, Wealth, Control issues and dysfunctions.I believe Earths humanity needs this healing, this balance.I also chose Garnet as it will assist in the action of attracting love, passion,creativity-and manifest those balanced healthy energies into form. As some may have guessed, this is also a powerful grid to assist the universal divine energies in bringing true gentle joyful supportive love to me,manifesting my one true love.Yea, Im ready. The grid is also set between Selenite Sticks, to discharge any negativity along the way of manifestation and is between a Gaia Stone and a Mook Jasper-the Mook Jasper is the one that looks like a space ship (and its spoken for.) Stop by Rock With You to see whats on Sale till Friday,and whats new! Make a request! LOVE!

Photo on 6-29-16 at 7.18 AM

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