The Prophecy Stone,not much to look at.I have one in my Rock With You space.
It emirates a vey low,slow frequency.Its very grounding-steadying.
I don’t use it in my Lithomancy.
The earliest verified account of Lithomancy comes from Photius, the patriarch of Constantinople, who describes a physician named Eusebius using a stone called a Baetulum to perform the ritual.[1][2] However, some writers also claim that Helenus predicted the destruction of Troy using the ritual/ services.
I use 1-3 stones,or 6-7 stones,or 8-16 stones. I ask an individual to relax and breathe,then to gaze at or be with the bowl of stones for a bit. Then I allow the stones to choose me,I intuitively select them;I then “cast” the stones.
I read or interpret them based upon my decades of knowledge of the stones and where they fell in the casting. I let them tell the story to the individual.It clarifies and validates where an individual is in a current situation.
The reading offers perceptions and guidance;angelic,divine or spirit guidance
(yes, thats what the Holy Spirit is) that one may not have seen on their own. It offers PROPHECY as to possible outcomes.When the paths are made clearer for one to make a more informed choice o decision,one can choose wisely and a different outcome can be achieved.
The PROPHECY of Lithomancy is done by Meg essence live,in person at 1106 Historic 4th St. Sioux City Ia.Call/Txt 712-204-1541,e-mail
leave a comment on this website for an appointment.
or SOON anywhere through FaceTime ( setting up PayPal)
$15 3 stones $30. 6-7 stones $60. 8 or more stones
Live introductory pricing $45 8 or more stones till 8/15/16

2 thoughts on “PROPHACY

    • Hi Yes you can bring your own stones if you like and add them to the bowl of stones I draw from to cast and read,OR you don’t have to.Yes and appointment this Sunday afternoon is wonderful! What amount of time will you be booking for? Looking forward to it!


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