Interesting Dialogue

I LOVE learning new stuff,and when people love to talk about their crystals.Yesterday a client questioned certain types of chemical/alchemical and “naturally” occurring chemical compounds / constituents in crystals and rocks that could be harmful. It invited some great interesting discussion with miners and collectors and museum owners i know.
We were questioning Actinolite which is symbolized in the chemical table as:
So, upon looking further into a gem crystal that one would have in their home,museum-we checked those tables,from various mining sources here in USA, and Canada,including S. Dakota mines and this is their chemical tables

Chemical Properties of Tremolite-actinolite series

The tremolite-actinolite series is defined as a minerals in the calcium amphibole subgroup with A(Na+K+2Ca)≤0,5 apfu and C(Al+Fe3+ +2Ti)≤0,5 apfu.

The individual minerals are defined based on the Fe2+/Mg ratio in the Z position (= IMA C position) and whether (OH),F or Cl is dominant.

AS YOU CAN TELL,it is not the same chemical properties as is in asbestos from open pit mines or the asbestos made into fibers/insulation in older homes and acts that have to be removed.

The photo image displayed at the top of this post is an example of Actinolite from an open pit mine in Canada-those tiny hairs on the tops /very outside are the “fiberous hairs”-that when mining or creating insulation and other asbestos related products ARE smashed into tiny particles into the air, breathed in and CAN cause damage to the lungs/respiratory system and can be cancer causing.

NOT the stick like formations WITHIN / ON the crystal/ crystalline structure.
NOT the “lines” that look like tourmalines.Those pieces,that many have in their stores, that a local Dr. has in his collection, that Siouxland Mineralogical Society has seen,handeled,that Rock Star Crystal Warehouse in NYC has displayed, handeled, and not the crystals that sit beautifully in my space-those specimens will not harm us, as the HAIRS on the top are long gone and as one miner/store owner said: “unless you want to smash your Actinolite
into a talcum powder and snort it up / breathe it in-yu don’t have any problems.”

As I also sold an Ethyrite stone-small,mined in the 70s, boxed,i asked about the Arsenic i read was in that stone-the man said and I quote “are you kidding me?”

I probably wouldn’t recommend stone soup though:)
Blessings, Meg

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