I would love a journey to the sea,to see faces of those I love in NYC,in Oceanside, in Florida;and the somewhere beyond the the UK and Paris,and to Avignon (oh the Pinots there mmmm),and parts further south, in France, to the Mediterranean. Ghosts now it seems of places, people, smells,sounds,and foods that I love.
Or maybe Im the ghost now.Sometimes those memories are so soft,I think “don’t drift away”! The memories themselves become a voyage,memories of such blissful joy thats tears instantly spring to my eyes. Did I really get to live that once? Now I voyage regularly further off,off grid,off planet,off this 3D dimension- with meditation.Releasing thought and mind,and tension draining out of muscle and vaporizing my physical being with each breath released until I too vaporize and voyage to somewhere beyond the sea.

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