Happy Full Moon Solstice!

The world is our mirror,it will not reflect what we do not find within ourselves.

Celebrating with gratitude,the Sun and all of LIFE it brings! Keep our Spirits bright,show us the light,restore our site! Does your flame burn bright in you?

The Mother Moon -guides us through the night and keeps our Spirit bright,the light of LOVE for which we yearn,lead us home to our soul.

What a LOVELY time this is!  The crystals are fired up with SUN and MOON! Tuned with the tuning forks,and chanted over with the sound of monks and J Goldman!

A beautiful time was had a St Michaels Church last night! Mr Forrest, an Irish Tenor sang Irish songs and Broadway Show Tunes and well as Standards as You lift me Up and Ave Maria. Father David Heman was amazing with a drum solo! The pianist ( i apologize,his name escapes me) exceptional! Thank You! Lovely running into friends there especially Kathy Bogenrief from A Step In Thyme! I adore her-we fondly reminisce of our time together at her store when out on C80-In fact today is St Johns Wort Day-a time for picking that herb-and some St Johns Tea can be had from it.She always had some growing!

Come see me  this day / eve! Listen to some great Solstice Celtic Music Have a CRYSTAL READING (Lithomancy)  $15   $30   $45 ( a 1 hour SOLSTICE SPECIAL SALE! Today till Thurs.) Pick up some fave crystals to add to a solstice grid-set a grid for the suns flames to burn away that which you no longer need, or set a grid for gratitude of abundance and joy! Pick up some Pyrite, some Clear quartz points or Golden Calcite,Beautiful Sparkly Golden Lepidolite, or some Fuchite-Turquoise pieces all wonderful in a Solstice grid!

Open today 2-7 1106 4th st 712 204-1541

Don’t Forget Tues. night, EVERY Tues. night is FREE Meditation! Let me know you are coming!



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