The frequency of fear and hate grows stronger every day in every way. It manifests as depression, anxiety,sadness,sleeplessness, restlessness,doubt,and anger. Please know that with just a few small actions taken,and easy “tools” and techniques,you, we , ALL can raise the vibrational frequency of LOVE!

When fearful and negative situations arise in personal life,in your community or globally,please take the time to STEP BACK or STEP OFF from it! PLEASE don’t keep adding fuel to the fire with judgemental opinions, or righteousness born of anger/fear.We are definitely “allowed” to feel that way,and to respect those powerful feelings. Its best to just take some moments OFF the grids to diffuse that energy.

I definately don’t mean don’t be informed or not to be involved in the process of creating a solution. I do mean STEP BACK or STEP OFF until YOUR OWN vibration is calm, non judgmental,and full loving kindness and FORGIVENESS. If you don’t allow yourself the choice,time and space to CLEAR your own doubt,fears,judgements etc;then DIVINE powers of grace,mercy and guidance can not enter from the highest realms,and be manifested here in this dense physical world.

Depending on where you are,and what you can make time for; one can take a bath         ( put some crystals in) OR use an essential oil, AND/OR gather some crystals to clear negativity and fear and hate and bring IN LOVE, DIVINE LOVE, GRACE, and MERCY.

At least HOLD some CRYSTALS,take a few DEEP BREATHS and allow yourself to realize what it is you are GRATEFUl for,and be in THAT space.Put the face of those you LOVE in your minds eye and send them LOVE. AND I ASSURE YOU just from even 1 minute of  that your vibrational frequency will change to a HIGHER vibration of LOVE!

I always carry or have around me  at least a couple of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz,Rhodochrosite, Selenite,Green calcite,Zoisite,Green Flourites.                       Think Pinks,Greens,and White or Clear crystals.

FB message me, – FaceTime me, see me at Rock With You on 4th for your crystals and to share and learn.




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