Much Has Changed!

Reading over what I posted on this blog, now 9 months back; it was and is a mind blowing experience! The Kundalini ascension, which  began by actually breaking  it all down, allowed me to create a new ROOT SYSTEM,that included new ways of nurturing life-my life. It took these 9 months to go through the the process of birth, to myself!

Thus, the Kundalini rising process began there. During the process I had to learn to ask for help,and then allow myself to receive it from the most unexpected and unlikely sources; from allopathic medicine,pills and doctors and surgery;to the United States Government to people in my life that became my greatest team of supporters, and to a deeper relationship with God, as Creator. I understand now how THAT  can become a very personal experience and relationship.I always believed in Creator,the Divine, the Source, Goddess,Angels, Spirit Guides-but God? Yea,OK, now I got it! And happy to say its not an either or,its all.ALL.

As each day brings forth new life,new possibility,I will share these stories.I will not abandon me again! I am still here to bring you stories of amazing synchronicities, healing journeys, and the newest ways I have learned to help you map your journey!

For instance,I always worked with energy& sound. I did Chakra balancing before I knew what it was,since I was 8. The story of that is in the “about” section of this blogspace. So it wasn’t weird at all to awaken on the night of the new moon at 3:33 with an urgent yearning  to go into my meditating room and gather up all the crystals;hold them and be with them. It was as if they were saying-“Get me out of these bowls,I need to work!!” So,I gathered them all off shelves and table tops,out of bowls and off the windowsills and up from the floors of my home and held them. I brought them all to the bed-which took awhile.Near dawn, I started meditating and chanting with J Goldman,and setting intent for myself and certain other loved ones that are moving through challenging  or transformative experiences. As I did so, I picked up handfuls of stones and tossed ( cast) them.  3, 6 , 8, 12,16  stones at a time.My favorite became 8. I began to read ( interpret) them, for the individual I was thinking of. I began by reading the crystals as i would use them, in a Chakra Balance on that person. It felt very natural. I thought why have I not done this?  It came so easy to me! For example if an Aventurine  was cast,I know that is a stone of the Heart Chakra,it means a zest for life,it brings optimism hope and joy to daily life.If it was touching an Aragonite,or a Jasper, I would interpret that as someone finding their passion through their work. On the other hand if it was touching or near a Watermelon Tourmaline or a Rose quartz,I would say the Love of their life has entered the picture! There are other ways to cast stones. I like it in a simple circle on a soft matt; but I can cast on a picture of the Chakras,or in a Bagua.In these ways I can read a journey  ( a time / a situation) for someone, and balance the energy of that journey.I did 3 readings that day.They were all amazingly spot on.Two folks put a comment on the Rock With You Facebook Event Page in the comments section! After a reading, I can then easily also suggest the crystals they can have to wear, or keep by them for awhile, to support the guidance and the best possible outcome. I can suggest stones that will connect them to the Divine Creator, God, Angels, Archangels or Spirit Guides. With the power of the energy ( holy spirit) and the intent,rocks and crystals are a wonderful beautiful support system! These types of Crystal readings are called Lithomancy.

We can connect via FaceTime and you can experience your Cast and Reading ( Lithomancy) without even having to be hereI I use PayPal and will be figuring out how to link that with FaceTime presently.

Check out the event page Rock With You on Facebook ,its public, or friend request me Meg essence on Facebook. FaceTime me or email me with

Health Wealth and Cheer on your journeys!

With Love,Meg

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