More on the Kundalini

This new moon is a powerful one! Set your intentions with Love & Passion from deep within your soul!
You,awaken,you transform / yield to,an awareness,a new awareness-a state of being THAT is conscious-you are no longer unconscious. That’s it,a fluid state of being that you can move through at will-asleep,awake, asleep,awake…your conscious is not your soul.I am getting in touch, on a deeper level with Soul.Soul is also not Spirit,and Spirit can move the Soul,through it,in it, of it.So much is still unfolding with this Kundalini, DNA ascension.I see solitude,quiet, breathing, stillness,beauty,good aromas,clean food,lots of water,light,rest,the pool=these are the things I need to feed and nourish Soul. This is what I must sustain around me. I am  getting in touch with the passions buried deep within, the shadow side suppressed,and surprisingly still there. I see that I need to let go of the act of sacrifice.I can help when I choose to without sacrificing anything-my time health energy,money.That’s a strong energy current for me,how about you?
For many, our very foundation is falling apart,with radical change-erupting into a metamorphose…transformation.Along with our nation,Gaia-Mother Earth,whole belief systems,religion,monetary systems are crumbling/transforming now.Many have spoke of,know of this change coming-wake up (Kundalini) its now.
It may seem that people you know well,loved ones -you see another side (shadow sides),like:who IS that person-or may find yourself saying this about yourself! Everything is different now BOOM -a game changer,BIGTIME! As we allow the crumbling to crumble, it just freakin hurts ,it hurts deeply on so many levels;and then as we ascend,DNA changes,sound,light,life perceptions foundations cores truths everything changes-and so shifts,even the Chakras are shifting-the Earth is moving under feet in a magnitude we haven’t felt!
In addition to the all the incredible pain from the physical stuff,and all the emotional experiences,as well as the incredible changes in the spiritual journey and the body of work itself;the changes of sound,movement and light,colour is -wow,nothing short of an amazing light show experience that you see with great music at a palladium light show! You know the kind! Haha Yea i see beam of wonderful colour beams zipping by, or swirling or a small concentration of light bursting like right in front of me.Yea,hard to explain.I am amazed.Wake up and tune in folks- be warned,this is a strange high intensity part of the ride  WHHHEEEEE!electric_light_show_001_sig_by_ws76-d6d82cr

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