Beltane-the first fruits

queen-fairyCelebrating the first sweet fruits! Cool breezes and warming rays as we rejoice with gratitude the  nourishing suns return.The aroma of birth & rebirth,soil, mother earths buds just beginning to bloom,graduations- from 1 level to creating-birthing/manifesting the new,the next.Loves unions! The creation and manifestation of life! Imagine.Its Spring! Celebrate Spirit.Your spirit and its adventures,journey’s.Invite more guidance,enhance your intuition.Feel trust growing in the natural rhythm,and flow of life’s continuity of change. Learn to shift out of judgments and boxed in thinking; such as”good or bad”.Try a Chakra Balance.It can truly be an amazing,profound and altering experience,blissful.At the very least,a balance is: relaxing,reduces stress,assists and supports the respiratory and circulatory systems,affects alpha,beta delta waves as well as the Lymbic system of the brain-areas of memory and emotion. A Balance can affect transformation in positive supportive,nourishing ways.

Celebrating Beltane w/ Meg Appointments Available Fri eve May 1 – Sun May 3.                         $5.00 off Balances. Half hours & Hours (excludes previously purchased packages)                     $5.00 off Aromatique Touch Pointe massage/shiatsu-reflexology                                                        5-15% Off Essential Oil Formulas Allergy Ease,Pain Management,Germ Free,Headache/Migraine                                                                                                                                                            $5.00 vials available of Frankincense,Geranium Rose,Patchoulii, Lemongrasse, Bergamot, Clary Sage,Vetivert,Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint,Rosemary.A vial is 30 drops-enough for you to make an oz of your own  oil or cream or spritz. or use for 4 baths,or put into your shampoos,conditioners Imagine! CALL 712-204-1541  or e or FB pm Meg essence,LinkedIn

Beltane – Spring Blessings Thank you Sun and Mother Earth for all the fruits you bear us!

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