Just a Blog Post

Good morning all! In less then 2 weeks is Beltane Weekend of Love & Healing. Fri night,Sat &Sun. 5.00 off balances and 5-15 % off oils! Please book your appointments early to assure your most convenient time. Looking ahead on the calendar to mid June,I see that I have a couple of weddings,graduations,party’s and theater coming up.I also note that I have a couple of “standing” appointments as I begin to finish up any packages,and classes,and start NEW CLASSES.

My lease is up in June.My son will have graduated from USD by then (yayy!! congrats!! Love you! ).I am looking at my life and what I want to be happy,to BE in a state of peaceful sweet happiness. I dont need much. I know I need people who love me,people I love.I also need my work that I love;my energy work-the chakras,tuning forks,toning,meditation,essence oil formulas,crystals,living art.I need to DO my work-and I need to make a living at it again. So its math really,to either stay here, OR move to Sarasota I need to clear 2,000.00 a month.I need to work and be happy at my work. I need to earn the $ to fix/get new tires/ car,I need to earn enough to get to see family/friends,I need to save some.SO,IF I stay-I need to earn at least 1200 from a PT job,and 1,200.00 or more from my business.THAT SHOULD BE doable,but so far..im about 800.00 or more a month short of that.SO Id need cheaper living then. I ASK YOU THIS- Does anyone know of a place that is nice to rent/barter/trade for me to live and work in? Like a 1 bedroom carriage house/cottage ?? For no more than 350 a month? 500 w/internet and utilities?? Not many stairs.If you have, for rent barter trade or know someone -let me know.If this doesnt manifest,then Id have to get a roomate,and Im not sure how that can be effective with working out of the home.

IF I GO? I have the chance to stay in NY for most of the summer!Then move onto Sarasota Fla? Why Sarasota? Dont know. It kept coming to me in October 2014 and i started looking into it.Then Tony was looking at an internship there around end of the year-so I kept looking.Apartments are about the same Im paying here,$635.00 – so.like here-Id have to earn more to live/thrive.Its beautiful weather all the time! When you look up Chakras,and Reiki and Spas-there are alot of places-and mystical places.Kind of like the way I remember it – on the “outside” of the mid-west, where  there is more diversity and acceptance in culture;and where energy work, meditation, toning,essential oils,organic products are available-and people want them-its not all Walmart Target Dollar store. BUT I wouldn’t have my friends,people that I love that love me! I have moved all over-I dont HAVE to move.I need to be comfortable and happy,doing what I love. SO IF you know of a place here,let me know. AND BOOK your appointments-because after June 15th?????

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